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Magdalena is a producer, singer and composer from Bogota, Colombia currently based in Medellin. Emotional Music, deep feelings and sidereal spaces can be used to describe her beautiful, mysterious and hypnotic world.


Iridescent is Victor Lucindo. He’s a producer and musician based in São Paulo – Brazil working with electronic music since 2005. His sound anchored in obscure and at times dirty textures. Iridescent inhabits the gray areas between Techno, Ambient and experimental music.


From Cagliari, Italy based in Berlin, Germany. Entú is Sara Paracchini, musician and video maker. She loves creating relations among things, constructing and weaving conductive lines between elements apparently unrelated. Her music has stories inside.



Christopher Scullion

From Ireland, based in Florianopolis, Brazil. Christopher Scullion uses samples of everyday things for creating unique songs. He has a simple yet beautiful production technique that leaves his music with an introspective character. He likes tea, dogs and other things too.

Dreams on Board

Dreams on Board is Diego Meneses. Peruvian producer, audio engineer and multi instrumentalist who uses a wide palette of rhythms for creating his tracks. His music recreates moments and imaginary spaces, colored with exquisite melodies and sound atmospheres.